Consolida Sugar Corporation
Sugar in Bulk & Containers
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  • Shipping Across Continents
    We have been supplying sugar in Bulk and in containers to all 5 continents of the globe for over 35years.
  • Our Concepts
    We make it out priority to ensure the satisfaction of our clients, through organised deliveries and overall puntuality.
  • Refined, Crystal, Raw and Organic Sugar
    We are selling ICUMSA 45, ICUMSA 100, ICUMSA 150, ICUMSA 180/300, Bagged VHP, Organic A-400, Organic A-600

Consolida Sugar Corporation

Consolida Sugar Corporation is a world Class Farmer, Refiner and Wholesaler of Sugar and Ethanol Products. Registered in 8 Different Countries across five continents, with warehouses/stock houses in each region to reduce the cost of shipping for consumers in different regions.

The management of our group is comprised of men and women who have been involved in Sugar Production and Trading for over 35years, savoring every experience that comes with the job and successfully supplying sugar to over 100 countries in 5 continents. Presently we have agents and allocation holders in major cities across the world to ease the negotiation and communication process.

For all enquires about our products and prices, please refer to the respective page for more information or contact our Sales Department

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